How to track referral link?

Streaming is more enjoyable with others. Share your referral link with your friends and you'll both win.

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The following steps will help you track your referral: 

  • From the menu on your Flutin homepage, go to the "Refer and Earn" section.

  • On the next page, under the “Track Your Referrals” Section, you can track the progress of your referrals

  • Under the “Track Your Referrals” section, you can see three metrics that will help you in tracking your referrals, i.e. Visitors, Signups & Conversions

  • Visitors: When the new user click the referral link and enters the landing page, that user will be counted as “Visitor” 

  • Signups: After visiting the landing page, if the user signs up on Flutin, that will be counted as “Signups”. The sign up count will increase.

  • Conversion: After successfully signing up, if the referral user purchases the subscription (Monthly/Annually) that user will be counted as a conversion.

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