Connect Ecamm with Flutin Live using RTMP

To connect Ecamm with Flutin Live and broadcast it to your social media, follow the steps below:

  • Create either an instant or scheduled event either by clicking on the “New Live Event” button in the “My Events” section, and fill out the basic details
  • Connect your social media channels where you wish to broadcast your stream to
  • Go to Ecamm Studio
  • Click Destination on the right bottom and select Custom Stream Key from the list
  • Select Add New Stream Key option from the list
    Connect Ecamm with Flutin Live
  • Paste RTMP URL and Stream Key copied from Flutin Live Studio and click on the Use Custom Stream Key button
  • Click on the Go Live button at the bottom and the stream will be pulled by FLutin Live

Your live stream will now be broadcast across the connected social media channels with Flutin Live.

In order to end broadcast, click on End Live button on Ecamm and your stream will end on all channels including Flutin Live.

For more details on connecting RTMP Pull and connecting different accounts please visit the following blog.