Redirect live viewers to Google forms using Call-to-Action

This guide will help you in redirecting live viewers to Google forms to generate leads using Call-to-Action

Written by FlutinLast update 1 year ago

With Flutin you can now add Google Form CTAs to your live streams to generate leads. Here's the full tutorial for it:

  • From the menu on your Flutin homepage, go to the "Call to Action" section

  • Paste the Google Form CTA link in the field given under the "Add CTA" section and click on the "Fetch Data" button

  • You will be able to see the Google Form details fetched from the CTA link under the "CTA Details" section

  • You can change the Google Form CTA details like image, title & secondary description

  • Click "Add CTA" and the Google Form CTA with its QR code will be added to the CTA list on the right side of the screen

To add this new Google Form CTA to the live stream, please follow this link:

Here's our tutorial video to learn more about the CTA feature:

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