How to set up a custom domain (CNAME) on Flutin

Flutin makes it simple for its users to set up a custom domain (CNAME) of their choice.

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Flutin lets you create public profiles and webinar pages where you can invite your audience to subscribe and watch your live events.

To help you make your public profile and live event pages look more professional, you can add your own domain names to those pages.

With this feature, your audience opens your own domain link to watch your live streams and subscribe to them instead of links provided by Flutin.

The following steps will guide you on how to create custom domain on Flutin:

Note: In this case we will apply in place of where “mylive” is the sub-domain and “” is domain name.

("mylive" as a sub-domain is just an example we used in this case. You may choose any keyword of your choice.)

  • Visit the Profile section by clicking the “Profile Picture” at the top right corner

  • Click “CNAME Setup” button under the profile menu OR click this link to visit CNAME setup page directly

  • In the CNAME field, please enter the “Custom Domain” that you want for your Public and Event Pages. For example,, ( in this example) where “mydomain” is your own domain name

  • After you click “Generate” it will create "Record Name" and "Record Value" that you will need to add to your domain CNAME settings.

  • Go to your domain DNS settings from your domain provider dashboard like GoDaddy, Google Domains etc.

  • Now, you will need to create two new DNS records as follows:

    1. Create the first DNS record by adding your subdomain (ex. mylive in this case) as “Name” and as “Value”.
    You can provide a custom TTL as 600 seconds which will help you process the CNAME in around 10 minutes.

    2. Create second DNS record with the “Name” and “Value” provided on the CNAME setup page:

    Note: While entering “Name” value in the second DNS record, in most cases full record name can be copy pasted from Flutin to your DNS settings but in some cases, you might need to remove the domain name from the end and keep it till only the Sub-domain. This depends on your domain provider.

    Example -
    Full Name provided by Flutin:
    To be used in some cases: 46e47b4640b56ff75d3efbdbd5392a97.mylive

  • After creating the DNS Records, you can click on the Validate button on the Flutin CNAME page.

  • If you get any errors, please check if the DNS records are correctly setup or wait for some more time as it takes a while for the domain to assume these settings.

  • After your CNAME is validated, your entered domain URL will start showing your public page and your domain status on Flutin’s CNAME page will start showing like below.

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