How to connect your Flutin Account with IFTTT

Flutin lets you connect with IFTTT to automate your live streaming process with 700+ platforms

Written by FlutinLast update 1 year ago

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Flutin account with IFTTT:

  1. From the menu on your Flutin dashboard, go to the “Integrations” section.

  2. Click ‘Go To IFTTT’ button and you will be landed on the “Flutin Integrations” page on IFTTT.(Please make sure that you have already registered and signed in to IFTTT. If you haven't, you may be asked to do so).

  3. When you click on 'Connect', you will need to log in to your Flutin account again and give permission for the request.

  4. We have pre-made some applets that can help you. if you're unable to locate the desired applets, click on "Create".

  5. In the "If This Condition" select Flutin. Choose the trigger "New Event Created" and further click on Create Trigger.

  6. In the "Then That Condition", select your desired action like, you can choose from a variety of actions, including sending an email, creating a calendar event, or posting a tweet.

  7. Now you need to configure your action by selecting the specific parameters you want to use.

  8. Once you've configured your trigger and action, you can create your applet by clicking on the "Create" button.

  9. Click the “Continue” button, turn on the toggle to receive notifications when this Applet runs, and then click Finish.

  10. After you've created your applet, it will run automatically whenever your trigger event occurs.

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