How to live stream pre-recorded videos

With Flutin Live, you can schedule your pre-recorded videos for live streaming.

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With Flutin Live, you can schedule your pre-recorded videos for live streaming. This feature gives you more control over the content that streams during your live event. If you are wondering how to live stream pre-recorded videos, here’s how you do it: 


  • From the menu on your Flutin Live homepage, go to the Video Library section 

  • Click on the Upload Videos button 

  • Select a single or multiple video files on your device and upload. You can check the progress of the uploading at the bottom of the page as well as in the progress bar besides the video thumbnail. 

  • Once the video(s) is/are successfully uploaded in your Video Library, click on the Schedule Live button

  • If you have uploaded multiple videos, click on the Select Video drop-down and arrange them in the desired sequence

  • Click on the Next button and fill out the Event Name, date and time when you'd wish the event to livestream, tags related to the nature of the event, pick a genre, and write a clear description of your event. Then click on the Save Event button. 

  • On the next page, you can set up the following by clicking on the Edit buttons provided in the respective sections:

  • Basic information: Edit basic information of the event that you just filled out or rearrange the sequence of the videos. 

  • Communication: Activate or deactivate event related invites to be sent to your subscribers. 

  • Monetize: Activate or deactivate monetization methods. 

  • Broadcast Channels: Connect or disconnect social media channels for this particular event. 

  • Click on the Save and Publish button and then Confirm. Your event is published. 

  • You will get a pop-up to share the event. Click on the Share button to promote the event on various social media platforms.

  • After you have published the event, you can check the videos added to the event and add or remove videos by clicking on the Edit button given on the Basic Information section. 


Note that Branding and Customization in Flutin Live Studio isn't available in case of pre-recorded video streaming. However, you can add your personal logo and captions to the video while editing before uploading it to the Video Library.


No need to click on the Go Live button on the home screen after publishing the event. It will automatically livestream on the scheduled time and date.


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