How to Video Loop Pre-Recorded Videos in Flutin

Flutin offers a convenient feature that allows you to loop your pre-recorded videos seamlessly. By setting your videos to loop, you can avoid manually restarting them and create a continuous playback experience.

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Follow the steps below to video loop your pre-recorded videos using Flutin:

  • Go to your Flutin dashboard and find the "Video Library" section.

  • Click on the "Upload Video" button and select the video you want to loop from your computer.

  • Once the video is uploaded, click on the "Schedule Video" button next to it.

  • In this step, you have the option to add multiple videos and customize their playback order and arrangement according to your preferences.

  • Once you've completed the above step, click the "Video Looping" checkbox. Then, enter the number of times you want the video to play again. Finally, click on the next button to proceed.

  • Fill in the required details for the live event associated with your video, such as the event title and start time.

  • Check that all the information is correct, and then click "Save Event" to schedule your looped video.

  • Finally, click "Save and Publish" to make your looped video go live.

That's it! Your pre-recorded video will now be played in a loop according to the number of times you have set. By following these steps, you can enjoy continuous playback of your videos without any interruptions.

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Flutin's support team or email us at

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