How to enable Facebook Group Commentor Details?

This feature allows your Facebook group members to grant Flutin permission to display their name and profile picture on the live stream comments

Written by FlutinLast update 1 year ago

Learn how to provide permission to Flutin to show names and images of commenters on Facebook groups.

  • We require permission from Facebook group members to get their name and image so that we can show you who has commented on your live stream in Flutin’s chat box.

  • Before providing the permissions, names on comments would be visible as “Facebook User” during the live stream like below:

  • You can share the given link in your Facebook Group so that the viewers can grant us access to their image and name.

  • After providing permissions, comments will be visible like this.

  • This link can be automatically added to your Facebook group streams description by checking the box in your Facebook Group settings on Flutin.
    (This option is checked by default unless you uncheck to remove the link from description).
    (Provide image)

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