How to use unified chat on Flutin Studio?

Read and respond to chats from all social media channels in one place.

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With Flutin Studio Unified Chat, you can see all your chat messages from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, all in one place. It's like a single feed for all your chats! You can also reply to messages and send new ones to your YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages and profiles. Everything is made easier and more convenient!

Follow the steps below to use Unified Chat on Flutin Studio:

  • Go to Flutin Studio and go live on your selected social media channels.

  • Once you start streaming live to your connected social media channels, you will start receiving comments from all the connected social media channels that you can see under the "Chats" section of the studio.

  • You can respond to those chats from the Flutin Studio itself by clicking the "Profile Picture" just beside the "Comment Box" and selecting the Social Media accounts from the Drop-down to respond on that particular channel.

Note: You can only respond to the chats coming from Youtube, Instagram and FB pages & Profiles.

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