How to connect your Flutin Account with Pabbly

Flutin lets you connect with Pabbly to automate your live streaming process with 1,000+ platforms

Written by FlutinLast update 1 year ago

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Flutin account with Pabbly:

  1. From the menu on your Flutin dashboard, go to the “Integrations” section.

  2. Click ‘Go To Pabbly’ button and you will be landed on the “Flutin Integrations” page on Pabbly.

  3. Look for your desired integration in the search bar. Once you see the desired automation, click on it.

  4. Now you will be sent to that specific integration page. Scroll down and look for automation. 

  5. You will see three triggers for your live event. Choose when you want your automated activity to work, i.e., when your event is created or when your event is live, or when the event ends.

  6. To activate the automation, select the desired trigger and the platform. 

  7. Click “Try It Now”. You will be redirected to Pabbly Log-in/ Sign-in page. 

  8. After Logging-in, you will land on the automation page. Here you can create and manage your workflow.

  9. Click the “Connect” button in the first step. Further a sidebar will area. Here you can log in to your Flutin Account or add another Flutin account. 

  10. Click the “Save and Send Test Request” button. 

  11. You can see that the page starts "Loading" after clicking the button. You need to open "" on the new tab and schedule a new event.

  12. The "Pabbly Connect" tab starts showing the response received from the scheduled event created on Flutin.

  13. In the second step select the Action Event and then click the "Connect" button. Log in from the "Gmail account" or select an existing connection.

  14. Check all the required permission and give access to the application. 

  15. Fill the required information according and click "Save and Send Test Request".

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