Connect Zoom with FlutinLIVE using RTMP

To connect Zoom with FlutinLIVE to pull stream, follow these steps:

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To use Zoom as a source or pull a stream to Flutin Live from Zoom, follow these steps:

Adding RTMP URL and Key from Flutin to ZOOM will help you broadcast your events to multiple channels that are connected with the event created on Flutin.

Step 1: Activate Custom Live Streaming on ZOOM.

  • Sign in to Zoom on your browser.

  • Go to your Settings.

  • Click β€œIn Meeting (Advanced)” and scroll down to Allow livestreaming of meetings.

  • Click the checkbox of the Custom Live Streaming Service, and Save.

Step 2: Get RTMP credentials from Flutin event

  • Create an event on Flutin and connect the desired channels to go live with ZOOM stream. (Relevant Article)

  • Go to Flutin Live Studio for that event

  • Just above the stream window, you will see a toggle by the RTMP icon, turn it towards the RTMP icon

  • A pop-up featuring URL and Secret Key will appear, these will need to be copy-pasted on zoom event.

Step 3: Paste RTMP details from Flutin to ZOOM event.

  • Sign in to Zoom on your browser.

  • Click Schedule a Meeting.

  • Fill in the details of your meeting and click Save.

  • Click the Live Streaming tab.

  • Click the Configure Custom Streaming Service button.

  • On the next page, paste Server URL copied from FlutinLIVE Studio in the Streaming URL slot

  • Paste the Stream Key in the Streaming Key slot copied from FlutinLIVE and click on SAVE.

Step 4: Start Live stream after meeting starts on ZOOM

  • On ZOOM studio, Click on the More button at the bottom

  • Select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service from the list

Step 5: Start Broadcast from Flutin Studio

  • Go to Flutin Studio where you will start getting the stream from ZOOM.

  • Click the "Start Broadcast" button on the Flutin Studio the stream would be broadcasted across your connected social media channels.

  • You may also choose the stream to go live automatically to your channels from RTMP settings.

Note: RTMP Pull on Zoom requires a Zoom Pro account

For more details on connecting RTMP Pull and connecting different accounts please visit the following blog.

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