How to share a screen in Flutin studio?

This article is all about how to share your screen to your live stream with Flutin.

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If you wish to use the Screen Share feature on Flutin, this is how you can do it:

  • Go to the Flutin Studio after creating an event

  • Click the Screen Share button given below the stream window

  • A pop up will appear on the screen asking you to choose either the entire screen, window or the chrome tab to share

  • Click the “Share” button after selecting the screen to share

  • The sharing screen will be visible to you on the left side of the stream window

  • You can show the screen to your stream by switching on the toggle on the screen’s tab

  • If you wish to hide the screen during the stream, you can switch the toggle off 

  • If you wish to share the audio of the screen, you need to tick the check box “Share System Audio” at the bottom of the pop-up mentioned in step 3

Note: The 'Share System Audio' option is only available for the entire screen or browser tab options.

Layouts for screen sharing

Your shared screen will appear differently on your stream with different layouts. Available layouts are mentioned below:

Layout 1: 

In this layout, your entire shared screen will be visible to your viewers as shown in the image. 

Layout 2: 

In this layout, the streamer’s screen will be visible at the bottom right corner of the stream as shown in the image. However, if you don’t want to show yourself on the screen, you can turn the toggle off on the guest’s screen available in the backstage area (present on the left side of the Studio). 

Layout 3:

In this layout, the shared screen will be visible on the left side of the streamer’s screen. If you don’t want to present yourself on the live, you can simply turn off the toggle button off available on the backstage area. 

Layout 4: 

This share screen layout allows you to highlight the center part of the screen beside the streamer’s screen. It is the most suitable if you want to emphasize on a center portion of the screen. 

Layout 5:

This share screen layout allows you to share your screen on the left covering a larger portion and the streamer’s screen on the center-right corner. With this layout, your custom background would be visible during the entire live session.  

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