How to highlight chats to your live stream with Flutin?

Flutin allows you to enhance your live streaming experience by giving you an option to highlight your favorite chat to your live stream.

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Follow the steps below to highlight chats to your Flutin live streams:

  • Go to Flutin Studio and go live on your selected social media channels.

  • Once you start receiving comments from any of your connected social media channels to your live stream, you will be able to see those under the chat section of the studio.

  • When you hover the cursor on any comment, the “Show on stream” text button will be visible on that particular comment. 

  • After clicking on “Show on stream”, the comment will be visible to your live stream, and it will also be highlighted under the chat section.

  • If you want to remove the highlighted comment from your stream, you can click on the cross button on the highlighted chat in the chat box or you can simply hover the curson again on that comment and click the “Hide” text button to remove it

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