How to host Ticketed Events on Flutin Live

You can charge from your audience a certain amount by adding tickets to your Flutin Live events.

Written by FlutinLast update 2 years ago

The Ticketed Events feature on Flutin Live allows you to turn your regular events into paid events by requiring the interested viewers to purchase tickets to your events. It’s simpler than it may sound to you right now.

This is how to host ticketed events on Flutin Live:


  • After adding event details while creating an event on Flutin Live, click on the Monetize section 

  • Now scroll down to Event Ticket and turn the toggle on if it is off

  • Now set a ticket price for the event and click on the Submit button

  • If you wish to edit the amount, you can do it by clicking on the Edit button before publishing the event


Now, the people who want to register for your event will be required to purchase your event tickets.

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