Add sub-accounts under your main account

Flutin allows you to add sub-accounts under your main account and assign streaming limits to them. Following steps will help you add and activate a sub-account.

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The following steps will help you add and activate a sub-account.

  • Click the profile section on the top right corner of your dashboard.

  • In the dropdown menu, click “Manage Sub-Accounts”.

  • On the next page, you’ll see the list of existing sub-accounts that you’ve already invited. You can click the “Add Sub-accounts” button to invite a new one.

  • Fill out the necessary information in the pop-up: 

    • The “Email address” of the user you want to invite as your Sub-account user 

      (Only new user who doesn’t have any existing account on Flutin can be invited).

    • Assign the “Channels Limit” that you want your Sub-accounts user to have.

    • Assign the number of “Instagram channels” and “RTMP Channels” limit (Make sure that the individual limits of assigned Instagram channels and RTMP channels limit should not be more than the total channels limit).

    • Assign “Total Streaming Hours” and “Pre-recorded Streaming Hours” limits.

      (Make sure that the Pre-recorded streaming hours limit should not be more than total streaming hours allowed limit)

    • Assign the total Storage Limit to your sub-user and then click the “Invite” button.

  • The sub-account invite link will be sent to sub-accounts user’s mail account.

  • After clicking the “View Invite” button the sub-accounts user will land on to the sign-up page where user needs to create a new account with the same mail id.

    Note: If due to some reason a sub-accounts user doesn’t get any invite email, they can just sign-up on Flutin using the invited email and they will get the invite.

  • After signing up, user can complete the profile details to reach to the dashboard of the account where “The Sub-account invite” pop-up will appear.

  • Clicking the “View Invite” button on the pop-up will lead the sub-accounts user to the sub-accounts page where all the invitation and the limits can be seen.

  • User can accept the invitation by clicking the “Accept” button.

  • After accepting the sub-accounts invitation request, user will access the streaming limits assigned by the main account.

  • After this, the status of sub-accounts will appear as “accepted” on both main account and sub-account users.

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